Get to know… Alan White

I’m a retired academic and have been writing poetry for almost fifty years. Over the last two years I have also started to also write short fictional pieces. I enjoy writing but for me the real joy comes from reading my work in front of a live audience as the energy you get back pushes you to give your best performance. I used to feel that way giving my lectures as well.

I heard about Writing Room from a friend. She was working on her first novel and had taken one of the courses to sharpen her skills. I did a couple of Giovanna Iozzi’s Life Writing & Memoir courses and then moved to my first love – poetry. I’ve taken Paul Lyall’s course Finding the Poem many times and for me Paul is the go-to person for inspiration. Although I always revise and edit the work we do in the sessions, it is Paul’s often quirky and idiosyncratic prompts that give a structure to the poem.

The sharing event once a term on Zoom where we can read some of our work is always an enjoyable event. You get to hear some truly wonderful work from your fellow writers. I wouldn’t miss it!


The sea radiated cold
and the night seemed darker
the lights across the bay
grounded stars

I turned back to our warm hotel room
but enough
the Yang to the external Yin

The Blue Lagoon was a short drive away
and we swam in it
a blizzard above us
enveloping warm bliss below

It was our last time away
a false dawn
it didn’t light the sky
no Northern Lights

As we caught the plane home
I thought – how like us
four days of cold and fire
water and lava